Hi, I'm Rane:)
Your cynical protagonist extraordinaire
Tao is my bby and Sehun is his flower boy

We told ourselves we would never succumb to the falling rain, but in the end it was I who was falling for you.

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tao stopped time but then you have jongin...

tao stopped time but then you have jongin...

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xiumin calling chen so they can do the ‘eomma buy me that’ together

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(i really, really dont want this to sound obnoxious, as if i get requests all the time, because i dont, but—) can i please not receive any more angst requests? ._. at least, for a little while? i… if im not in the right mood, i have to make myself sad to write them and it’s really… that’s kind of an emotionally painful experience…

kim jongdae: a brief introduction (requested)