Hi, I'm Rane:)
Your cynical protagonist extraordinaire
Tao is my bby and Sehun is his flower boy

I would love to share this temporary beauty with you. To see the world at our fingertips and call it our own. I would love to see if we can make us last longer than fate said we could, and test the boundaries that our lives have built up around us.

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"Because ‘tame’ was never my description.”3/?


"Because ‘tame’ was never my description.


when sehun was a trainee krystal asked him to secretly buy her kimbap so she wouldn’t get told off for cheating her diet……….. im laughing sehun was krystal’s kimbap bitch 

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Them Muscles щ(ಠ益ಠщ)
Them Muscles щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

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sorry i didnt do any drabbles today! :c

to make up for it, i will do a bunch tomorrow and solely focus on those ;u; (if i can)

gnight lovelies

Anonymous sent: i think we should but omfg i just checked their official site and they have a new lead singer?!


(okay actually i never knew the names of the members until like a year ago and i cant remember them now but—)




Anonymous sent: its literally conflicting me as well, idk what to do either like i want to listen , but then for a lot of bands i used to listen to, their new stuff didnt impress me as much as their old stuff and tdg was such a huge part of my life i dont wanna tarnish the image i have for them? (if that makes any sense);ohhhh hahaha i didnt read that right sorry

oh man yes that is exactly what im thinking

as bands progress to make new and newer songs, they try to “get with the times” by adjusting their style to fit what is the trend in modern day music and i just—

tdg is such a huge thing. legit one of my favorite bands ever, it would suck if their new music didnt live up to the image i have of them in my head

but wouldnt it be awesome if they kept to their style and their new songs were just as good, if not better :) should we try to find just one and try it out?